TRIBBLE INVESTMENTS  , with $ 5,689,762.00 in current assets.

Helping needy families enjoy Home ownership. Making our bad investments positive opportunities in South Florida. On the road to helping Families build a solid  and secure future.         TribbleInvestments.Net      



We are a not-for-profit Company founded by our previous owner, R. Allen Tribble Sr., in 2006 ,who using defaulted private loans, made through Promissory Notes to high-risk Home Owners; who provided Warranty & Quit Claim Deeds as security for the Promissory Notes they provided, received  Home Improvement loans. 

These Properties surrendered as collateral on the loans, are now offered to needed, hard working families  South Florida. Often these homes are surrendered through foreclosure requiring us to spend an average of $ 8,250 a month defending and securing the properties. From predator lenders and banks.

Tribble Investments DOES NOT make a single dime in profit, and is maintained and zealously defended as are it's properties, against those who practice predatory lending . Our homes are rented and/or Lease/purchased to families who are denied conventional Home loans.

  About Us  


We DON'T loan money, manage or sell real estate. We simply use our Real Estate investments, that have defaulted and turn them into opportunities for needy families. Regardless of their credit and/or financial status.

Feel free to contact us whenever you are ready – we are waiting for your call!



We take our bad investments, and turn them into opportunities for families who would otherwise not be allowed to have a home of their own. We ARE NOT an Investment firm, and DO NOT use anyone else's money and/or Government or Bank programs. We are privately owned and privately funded through years of Investments in private/individual Home Improvement loans, which have defaulted.




   God IS real, people really to help others; my family has a HOME that is Ours  if TRIBBLE INVESTMENTS gives you a chance, like all large changes, it takes faith and trust, they told us not to trust them, but believe in ourselves and Trust in God ........ Thank you TI

                                                                                      K. Richardson, Jupiter, Fl.

They gave us a chance, they believed in us, we thought it was too good to be true, but it's "REAL" we still can believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Bobby for believing in our Family and our future !

                                                                                         K. Sherman, Stuart, Fl.

"I have bad credit, but with hard work they helped our family have a home we can be proud of ." -- Lisa Hernandez, Jupiter, Fl.

"We had a little money, and no credit history, and after 19 years of renting, they gave me a home needing a lot of work, and allowed me to do my own repairs. They Lease/Purchased it to me, with no interest ." -- Tim Wallace, Stuart, Fl.

" With our credit we didn't believe it was possible, but it is, we are living our dream, and it took only 24 hours to get approved and move in , thank you TRIBBLE INVESTMENTS"

 M. Mixon & Family, Pompano Beach, Fl.

We tried everything, and sincerely believed it was too good to be true, despite our bad credit; we checked them out. STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT; we're living our dream !!!!!! Thank you TRIBBLE INVESTMENTS sorry for the headaches guys, we just couldn't believe.         

        Lisa Myers, Jupiter Farms

      They not only gave us a chance and believed in us, our Lease Agreement said AS/IS; as it's a distressed home; Bobby had a plumber and A/C Repair crew there the next day when the AC went out, and paid for everything WOW get a Bank to do that !!!!

                           Thank you TRIBBLE INVESTMENTS for our home AND being there when we didn't have the money........... Tina Wilson, Pompano Beach

                            We rented for six years due to our credit, and though it would be a long drawn-out process again resulting in denial. We were APPROVED the next day and moved in two days later ......... they even left the power in their name until we finished clean-up. We were so skeptical  and feel so guilty now; people REAL DO believe in families even today, Thanks guys.    

        Michael Guiterrez, Jupiter, Florida

       Yeah, the home needed repairs, but they allowed us to save time and money doing them our selves, and despite the agreement, paid for the AC repair; THEN allowed us to wait 45 days to make our first payment until we actually moved-in, THANK YOU TRIBBLE INVESTMENTS. 

      Larry Michaels, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.